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Pre-Ride Checklist
We will explain our headgear policy, fit helmets and make adjustments. Your guide will be equipped with a cell phone and a first aid kit.

We will describe your trails to you, with its hazards, elevation, cattle, snakes, wildlife, barbed wire, cattle guards, gates, tree limbs, holes, rim rocks and cactus, as necessary.

The following are the things that we will check before the ride begins.

We will check and assist you with your riding skills, such as:
  • Mounting the horse.
  • Body, arm, leg position and foot position in stirrups while riding.
  • Holding the reins.
  • How to stop and slow a horse.
  • How to turn a horse left and right.
  • How to cue a horse to move forward.
  • How to dismount.
  • How to hold and lead a horse from the ground.
  • Emergency stopping.
  • How to be aware of saddle girth looseness.
You should understand all rules:
  • Ride single file at a walk.
  • Do not pass the horse ahead of you.
  • One horse length should be between horses.
  • Turn off cell phones and pagers.
  • No un-secured carry-on objects.
  • No backpacks or fanny packs.
  • No screaming, yelling or making loud, sharp noises.
  • No holding the horses back - stay with the group.
  • No going faster than the group.
  • No running toward the stable/barn.
  • No slapping, hard kicking of horses or jerking on the reins or other abuse.

If you are uncomfortable with any trail or obstacle, you need to notify the guide before the trail or obstacle is attempted.

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